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Drinking games without cards in 2020

Drinking games without cards in 2020 Drinking is cool and all, but sometimes it can be quite boring without adding any sort of excitement to...

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Why is techno so repetitive?

Everybody knows it, but a few actually know it: why is techno so repetitive? From start to the end, there's always a linear similarity...

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Best places for new year’s eve in Europe 2019

Best places for new year's eve in Europe 2019 It's that time of the year, 2019 is soon coming to an end and with the...

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The unwritten rules at a nightclub

The unspoken rules at a nightclub For some going to the club and know what to do or more what not to do is pretty...

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How do I get into Berghain?

How do I get into Berghain? One of the most famous destinations within Europe for Techno parties is without Berlin. Loved by many travellers and...

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